A Multi-Year Grant to Support School Uniform

Delivered by: Packed with Smiles
Funded by: Community Investment Fund

Packed with Smiles provides new school uniform parcels to children from families facing financial hardship in Southend on Sea and neighbouring districts.

The charity works in partnership with local primary schools and through the Southend Family Centres, as they are best placed to identify the greatest of needs for uniform.

The Community Investment Board generously supported a multi-year funding application to offer primary uniform through the Southend Family Centres, which in 2022 saw Packed with Smiles facilitate over 147 parcel orders, which included 1853 items of uniform.

After a successful pilot scheme, funded by the charity, to deliver uniforms to senior school children, additional funding was secured through the Community Investment Board to extend their provision of senior school uniform, through the Southend Family Centres.

Faith Horsley, Trustee says “We have seen a nearly 40% increase in demand for our services since 2022.  Receiving multi-year awards for funding makes a huge difference to the families we support as we can continue to provide uniforms on an ongoing basis knowing that the funding is secured.  We are very grateful to the Community Investment Board and enjoy working closely with them, recently inviting a member of the board to help pack some of the parcels with the team”.

Nicola Marks from the Southend Family Centres says “Packed with Smiles provides an invaluable resource to our most vulnerable families often facing extreme challenges and do not have the funds to purchase uniforms for their children. The support that Packed with Smiles provides means that families can provide the basics for their children, so they are attending school equally, with correctly fitting clothes, shoes, and much needed equipment. The demand for this support is increasing particularly in the current financial crisis”.

For more information, please visit www.packedwithsmiles.org.uk or contact hello@packedwithsmiles.org.uk.