Community Fun Day at Southchurch Hall Gardens

Delivered by: S.H.I.P. (Southchurch Hall Inspirational Parkers)
Funded by: City Celebration Fund

The S.H.I.P (Southchurch Hall Inspirational Parkers) is a local group that demonstrates the power of community collaboration. They came together with a common goal: to address the rising issue of anti-social behaviour in the Southchurch Hall Gardens. This space had become a hotspot for such behaviour, causing distress for local residents and deterring visitors from enjoying the area’s historical significance.

To achieve their mission, S.H.I.P partnered with the Southend-on-Sea City Council and the Southend Community Policing Team. Their goals were twofold: to keep the gardens clean and orderly and to foster a sense of community by organising events that brought people together.

S.H.I.P’s dedication to transforming the gardens is truly inspiring. Through regular maintenance, they have turned the gardens into a welcoming and secure haven for all. Their efforts ensure that the gardens remain clean and tidy, creating an atmosphere where people feel safe and comfortable.

Recognising the importance of fostering a sense of belonging, S.H.I.P organises various community events, including a grand celebration of Southend’s elevation to city status, which was funded by the Community Investment Board. This event was a unique opportunity to showcase Southend’s rich history and abundant wildlife, highlighting the treasures within the city.

With an impressive attendance of approximately 1,000 people, S.H.I.P’s celebration of Southend’s city status was a resounding success. Attendees were transported back in time with period music, captivating dances, and historical games. The event served as a powerful reminder of the city’s vibrant history.

The event also emphasised the significance of the city’s wildlife. The Rural Engagement policing team demonstrated their commitment to preserving historical monuments and protecting the wildlife that coexists with us, providing a valuable educational opportunity for the community, and fostering a greater understanding of the environment.

Patrica Sampson of S.H.I.P says, “We believe that wealth should not play any part in bringing people together and enjoying themselves, so we ensure that our events are free of charge to all. Funding is paramount to make this happen, so when we get feedback such as ‘It’s so good to be able to bring the children to an event like this and not worrying about how much it costs, how do you do it’? It gives me great pleasure to tell them that it was funded by the Community Investment Board“.

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